A New Era

A New Era
October 18, 2013 admin

So, after a few months of hard work, more than the occasional stressful moment, I’m delighted to welcome you to my new website! Much as I loved the previous incarnation, it was getting a little tired, so it can now enjoy a well deserved retirement.

I hope you love they new website, and I know that the addition of online booking already has one ardent admirer in the form of my hard working pa Celia. As ever with a change of this type, I’m sure we’ve made some mistakes along the way, so if you find any lingering bugs or frustrations please let us know.
Despite the new site only being mere hours old, we already have big plans for its future, so stay tuned as we roll-out more features in the coming weeks. Equally, if there’s anything you would want to see here, please let us know.
All that remains now is for me to make myself a big cup of tea, get a good night’s sleep, and hope it is all still working in the morning!


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