Applying Eyeliner Between The Lashes

Applying Eyeliner Between The Lashes
April 18, 2014 admin
In this blog post I would like to turn my attention to an area of the eye which is very often neglected, and one which my clients have told me was one of their biggest frustrations before they came to see me for a makeup lesson.  The small area In- between the individual lashes on a top lash line, is the perfect space to apply eyeliner. This will give you a great defined finish as you look straight ahead and a soft “no make-up” make-look when you look down. However, given the small space you are working with, correct application requires skill, but thankfully it is a skill easily taught.

To succeed at this technique, the first step is to ensure that you use the right product. When selecting a product, the two key considerations should be finding one which works for your eye shape, and also one which suits the angle at which you hold your hand/fingers when you apply eyeliner.  These two questions are invaluable in helping to narrow down the potential products in the saturated beauty product market, and also help to mitigate the risk of spending money on a product that is likely to cause you frustration in the long term. As with so many things in life, having the right tool for the job tends to make things so much easier, and one of my personal sources of pleasure is seeing the happiness of clients during one to one makeup lessons in my studio when they discover that a task they used to loathe can be achieved successfully in a matter of seconds.

Given the tips above for selecting the right product, it is hard to give generic recommendations for products, as the only real test is to hold it in your hands and try to use it on yourself. With this in mind, my honest recommendations would be to consider spending time trying products at the different brand counters, visiting a professional make-up artist who can let you try with the different products in their kit, or simply asking a friend to try theirs. This said, there are three products which I either use personally, or which have a far higher success rate than others when my clients try them during my make-up lessons. They are:

1. By Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly. Its waterproof formula goes on smoothly and even more importantly once it is dry it stays in place all day.
By Terry Khol Terrybly Eyeliner
2. Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner applied with the Laura Mercier “Flat Eyeliner” Brush. This product is water based, and as with the By Terry product above it goes on quick and smoothly, so all you have to do is press.
Laura Mercier Tightline Eyeliner
3.  Bourjois Intuitive Liner. This is a new product with a unique application system in the form of three individual tips, which really speeds up application. For ladies on a budget, this would be my number one recommendation as it is significantly cheaper than the two options above.

Bourjois Intuitive Liner
As I’ve mentioned above, this is one make-up product category where you will only know which product is right for you by trying it first (so please don’t take any of the above recommendations and order online before you have used it in a shop.
In a future blog I will write about the colour options for using in-between the lashes, and how to work out which colours are right for you. Until then, enjoy the Easter Weekend.


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