Group Make-Up Lessons

Group Makeup Lesson

A Group Makeup lesson is fun and fascinating; it can bring us girls together like nothing else (except perhaps shoes and champagne). Applying our make-up alongside friends, sisters, mums and daughters is a sign of our special trust in each other. My group lessons are perfect for celebrating this female bond – while gaining lifelong make-up skills and knowledge.

A bonding experience…

My group lessons are structured so that I will have the time to work with everyone as individuals, identifying which techniques and colours will work well for an individual and explain why. Everyone will leave with a bespoke style and a tailored routine that they can follow at home.

For more information about my lessons, and my teaching approach please see my frequently asked questions here

|Group:                   2 people     2-3 people      4-5 people
|Duration:             3-hours      4-hours           5-hours
|Price:                    £900          £1,200             £1,550*
|Location: South Molton Street, Mayfair in Central London
* Price for a 4-5 people lesson includes the cost of an experienced make-up assistant supporting the lesson to ensure everyone receives a high level of 1:1 support throughout.


Sarah H

“From the moment I walked in to Lina’s studio, her enthusiasm and passion were evident. As she began to work her magic, Lina reassured me that she understood my tastes and what I wanted to achieve from the lesson. Her talent was obvious in the way she worked and in the results. The big surprise was her generosity in sharing her professional tips with me, so I felt I had a chance of recreating what she had done”.

Silvana A

“I’d never had a make-up lesson as personalized and tailored as the one Lina gave me. I needed that one-to-one level of tuition and was glad to have made that investment. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t want it to end. Lina’s has so much knowledge; I loved her enthusiasm for her work and appreciated the way she made me feel special and focused on what I wanted to get out of the session”.

Emma G

“I spent 2 hours with Lina having a make up lesson, and can’t recommend it highly enough! Over time I’ve had my make-up professionally done before. However, Lina took this to a whole different level. Her technique of removing half of the make up I’d applied myself, and then replacing it following a similar style but making her improvements were fantastic! Throughout the session, her knowledge and warmth made it a fantastic experience”.

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