Group Make-Up Lessons 2

Group  Make-Up Lesson


The group lesson is ideal for ladies who want to learn together and make an occasion out of the session.  The group lesson is led by Lina, with larger groups supported by the services of an assistant. The  session will be tailored to the individual requirements of the group, taking into account their current level  of experience with make-up and specific areas of interest. As well as covering application techniques, the  lesson will also include helping the participants to identify which looks and colours will work well for them and why, translating this right the way through to their current make-up kits so that they can put the lesson  content into practice at home.

The price for the session is based on the length of the lesson, which in turn  is based on the number of participants (this ensures that Lina can spend time with each person taking them through the elements of the lesson content). The price is calculated on the basis of £180 for the first  hour, and £100 for each subsequent hour. In terms of the time required, I recommend clients base this on 2-hours for the first person, with an additional hour for each person in the group (for example, a lesson  for a 2 person group would take 3-hours and cost £380).

|Duration: 3-hours for 2-people / 4-hours for 3 people
|Price: £380 for 2-people / £480 for 3 people



Sarah H

“From the moment I walked in to Lina’s studio, her enthusiasm and passion were evident. As she began to work her magic, I was reassured that she understood my tastes and what I wanted to achieve from the lesson. Her talent was obvious in the way she worked and in the results. The big surprise was her generosity in sharing her professional tips with me, so I felt I had a chance of recreating what she had done”.



Silvana A

“I’d never had a make-up lesson as personalized and tailored as the one Lina gave me. I really needed that one-to-one level of tuition and was glad to have made that investment. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t want it to end.  Lina’s has so much knowledge; I loved her enthusiasm for her work and appreciated the way she made me feel special and focused on what I wanted to get out of the session”.



Emma G

“I spent 2 hours with Lina having a make up lesson, and can’t recommend it highly enough! Over time I’ve had my make-up professionally done before, however Lina took this to a whole different level. Her technique of removing half of the make up I’d applied myself, and then replacing it following a similar style but making her own improvements was fantastic!  Throughout the session her knowledge and warmth made it a really fantastic experience”.



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