Make-Up Products Consultation

Make-Up Products Consultation

For clients looking to maximise their investment in make-up, this consultation is the perfect option. A video call based review of your make-up kit and preferences, focussed on helping you understand which products work for you and which won’t, including specific product advice.

Spending Wisely, Not Wastefully

In 2017 Marie Claire published an article showing that on average ladies in Britain spend £4,454 on make-up – a figure that saddened but not wholly surprised me. When clients come for make-up lessons, I always start by going through their make-up bags to understand the products they already have at their disposal so that we can reuse wherever possible rather than sending them away with a shopping list. As part of this process, I often find ladies who in truth may spend more than I do on make-up, but have spent it on products that just won’t work for them.

Unfortunately it makes perfect sense – the majority of products will be purchased at make-up counters, which rarely have the interests of the buyer at heart. Artificial lighting, products organised by brand not type making it harder to compare them side by side, and “advice” offered by counter staff with an eye on hitting their commission targets rather than giving honest guidance.

My Make-Up Products Consultation is designed to counter this, to ensure I can give you truly independent make-up advice away from a sales environment. The session is focussed on helping you find the products which will work with your unique skin tone, texture and bone structure, demystifying the world of make-up along the way. My aim is to help you spend less rather than more, and to spend that on products you’ll love.

With the focus on cost effectiveness, I offer this consultation exclusively by video call only so that I can keep the price to a minimum. Each consultation takes 45 minutes, during which we’ll cover:

  • A review of your make-up kit, understanding the products you have today, and your experiences of them.
  • Advising on a customised colour palette designed to subtly balance the shapes and shades of your face
  • Which of your current products will work for you (and which it may be time to say goodbye to!)
  • A focussed list of recommended products to add to your kit.
|Duration:      You’ll have my undivided, personal attention for 45 Minutes
|Location:  A video call with me via Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime
|Price:            £125


Sarah H

“From the moment I walked in to Lina’s studio, her enthusiasm and passion were evident. As she began to work her magic, I was reassured that she understood my tastes and what I wanted to achieve from the lesson. Her talent was obvious in the way she worked and in the results. The big surprise was her generosity in sharing her professional tips with me, so I felt I had a chance of recreating what she had done”.

Silvana A

“I’d never had a make-up lesson as personalized and tailored as the one Lina gave me. I really needed that one-to-one level of tuition and was glad to have made that investment. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t want it to end.  Lina’s has so much knowledge; I loved her enthusiasm for her work and appreciated the way she made me feel special and focused on what I wanted to get out of the session”.

Emma G

“I spent 2 hours with Lina having a make up lesson, and can’t recommend it highly enough! Over time I’ve had my make-up professionally done before, however Lina took this to a whole different level. Her technique of removing half of the make up I’d applied myself, and then replacing it following a similar style but making her own improvements was fantastic!  Throughout the session her knowledge and warmth made it a really fantastic experience”.

Appointments Now Available in Central London.

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