Tips for fresh spring makeup

Tips for fresh spring makeup
March 8, 2016 admin

It is March and finally we can start to move away from the darker, heavier looks of winter, and start to embrace more fresh and radiant looks of Spring! There are a few points that I find really help when it comes to Springtime makeup, which will give your skin that help it needs to look beautiful and radiant, especially now that the days are longer!

The first is a tip for all year round, but is still important none the less, and that is to make sure your skin is beautifully exfoliated! Keeping your face free from grime and dead skin cells will not only allow the rest of your skin care to work correctly, and your makeup last longer, but make your skin radiant and looking fresh!  I always recommend using bicarbonate of soda, making a simple paste with water and using it to buff away the sebum and leave your skin in tip top condition, and it is super gentle and budget friendly too, just repeat every couple of days!


As the days get longer, we are in the sun more, so therefore using an SPF is even more crucial to protect our skin! My favourite is Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizers which gives a wonderfully healthy appearance to the skin whilst being extremely hydrating and giving SPF 20 protection too.  They are perfect for the “no makeup look”, so exactly what you need for a simple, easy update for spring.


Next, using a primer will make your makeup stay put all day so you don’t need to keep touching up.  I particularly love Chanels “le blanc de chanel multi-use illuminating base” which gives the perfect canvas for your makeup, evening out the skins texture and keeps your makeup where you want it, whilst helping to give your look that “glow” and bring light to your face!


Finally, as the days warm, our skin starts to perspire more, and this can affect our makeup. The simplest way to keep our makeup looking radiant is to blot, and nothing is better than using a simple Kleenex and gently blotting the face throughout the day to remove excess moisture from the skin, and keep your look flawless!21JNo7F1u9L




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