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By far the two most popular lessons I offer are the Day Look and the Day to Evening Make-up lesson. The content of each of these is tailored to the individual client rather than being fixed, so they are excellent choices for absolute beginners and make-up aficionados alike. The key difference between them is that the Day Look make-up lessons focusses exclusively on how to create a natural day look perfect for everyday, whereas the Day to Evening lesson is a longer session which covers both this and how to transform this into a more dramatic evening look. So, in short – Day Look Lesson is one look, and the Day to Evening is a longer session covering two.

A huge amount, and almost certainly far more than you expect. My makeup lessons are a completely different experience from that which you would receive from even the most luxurious makeup counter. My passion is natural beauty – giving my clients the ability to see their own beauty from a different angle, and discovering make-up as a tool to light their face rather than hide it beneath heavy layers. Learning how to expose your beauty to the world is a transformative process as – rightly or wrongly – how we feel we look is often inseparable from how we feel. My aim is always to help my clients gain confidence in their beauty through learning – as they learn the techniques to lift up their face, their spirit usually follows.
So…take a moment to remember the day when you were happiest with the makeup you had applied on yourself – how you looked, and just as importantly how you felt. In a single lesson I will promise that I will give you the skill to be able to far exceed that, and to do so in a fraction of the time it took you to create the look you’ve remembered.

Just as important as what you learn on the day, is what you don’t forget the next. With this in mind, I always ask my clients to video the lesson as we go, so that they capture each and every step. Being able to watch yourself step through the process has a power no YouTube make-up video can compete with –  your hands, applying your make-up to your face.

I’ve run my own make-up business for 15-years now, and one of the wonderful aspects of my work is that a don’t have a “typical” client, so I work with a diverse range of people from those who have never picked up a make-up brush in their lives, through to professional make-up artists looking to enhance their skills. For many clients, it is also quite simply a question of change – whether it is the arrival of a landmark birthday such as 40, 50, 60, 70 (or even in one fantastic case 80!), or the arrival of children and the need to develop a look that can be created in the briefest of gaps between the demands of a baby. The one constant is the rules: firstly the sessions are designed to be fun – in life we don’t always get enough time to focus on ourselves, and so when the opportunity arises it is important to be able to enjoy “me time”. Secondly, I will never judge – it is absolutely fine to be 40 years old and never applied make-up or bought a make-up product – life has many joys beyond make-up, so it is absolutely fine not to have got around to it!

Absolutely. I always ask my clients to bring their existing make-up kits with them to the lesson (no matter how expansive, sparse, or even non-existent these may be), as this helps to understand their current make-up preferences. We review this together, and I give guidance as to which products will work for the client, and which may not be suitable. One of the reasons I believe this is vitally important is that I’m mindful of the investment clients have already made in make-up, and the need to make get maximum value out of money already spent. Equally, as we work through the lesson content I will make recommendations about new products which I believe will be ideal for the individual client. One of my aims is always to make sure that my clients not only learn about how to apply make-up, but also to understand which products work for them and why so that they learn where to spend and where to save in the future. I also recommend to my clients that they take photos of each of the recommended products as we go so that they have a clear record of what we used on the day)

Toggle As a make-up artist I am fiercely independent, and my loyalty is unwaveringly with my clients rather than brands. The simple truth is that whilst some make up brands are better than others, no one brand has excellent products in all categories, so I will only use the absolute best from each company. As such, I work with a wide range of products during the lesson, and will recommend to clients only those products that I believe will help them to deliver fantastic improvements over what they use already. To name just a few of the brands in my kit: Guerlain, By Terry, NARS, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Illamasqua, Charlotte Tilbury, Zoeva, Cosmetics a la Carte, Clinique, Trish McEvoy, YSL, Elizabeth Arden…plus a range of more obscure (but equally wonderful) smaller brands!Content

Toggle My primary working days are during the week (appointments starting between 10am and 2pm). I have a young family and so weekends are precious to me, and as such I now only work one weekend a month.Content

The easiest way to arrange an appointment is to use the online booking functionality on the relevant product page which gives real time availability. If there are specific dates / times which you have in mind which aren’t shown, please call or text / WhatsApp me on 07939321611 and I will come back to you by return with availability.

My studio is based on Hanover Square in Mayfair, Central London. We are just 5 minutes walk from the tube / Crossrail station at Bond Street, and 2 minutes walk from Oxford Circus.

I specifically design my lessons with the intent they will last the client a lifetime. Most importantly, I always ask my clients to bring with them a phone or tablet so that they can video the key steps of the process as we go and refer to it later (there is no better record of how to do something than watching yourself doing it!). I know from speaking to clients that this is something that they’ve found invaluable in the days and weeks after the lesson. Allied to this, I also give my clients tailored worksheets to use during the sessions for capturing notes, and make sure we have time to capture information as we go. Finally, I recommend to clients that they come for the lesson at a time when within a couple of days they will have some time to practise (repetition after the lesson while it is still clear in the mind is hugely beneficial)