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Lina Cameron 

Makeup Artist and Natural Beauty Coach Based on Hanover Square in Mayfair, Central London

My name is Lina, and I am a makeup artist and natural beauty coach. My make-up services include personal makeup lessons, beauty makeovers, weddings and more.

As little girls, we know that we are beautiful. We smile, twirl and sparkle in front of mirrors without fear or embarrassment.

Feel Beautiful. Reveal Beautiful

Time passes and with it, that smile becomes a little frown and we develop a more critical eye.

Make-up becomes a tool to conceal and hide as if beauty is a bag of tricks, an illusion that we conjure up. We lose the sight and feel of our natural beauty.

I see the beauty in every woman and can show you the makeup that will reveal it so that you can face that mirror with a smile and sparkle again.


Make-uP Lessons, Weddings & Makeovers

Featured iN The international press

Recommended by industry experts

And Loved by clients

Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Jacqui Shrimpton
I booked Lina for a 4-hour lesson for me and my sister after seeing her amazing website. We felt we could do with some make-up guidance and Lina appeared to be the perfect choice. She was so welcoming, charming and knowledgeable and we learnt a lot practically as well as listening to her advice and amazing experiences. It was fantastic to be taught by someone so passionate and ethical about what she does. We certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lina - the whole experience was very enjoyable!
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Lubna Ladha
I had a lesson with Lina yesterday and it is something I will never forget. I found Lina to be friendly and kind, and also direct and very clear about colours that really suit me, how I can improve my make-up routine, where I have been going wrong, and how to move forward with all this information in my day to day life. She has given me a great start by introducing me to products that will suit me and techniques to apply it in a way that completely transforms the way I look. I came to the lesson looking fine, but I left looking amazing and feeling confident, and knowing that I could re create this look, and adapt it to suit my daily needs. I finally have a good grasp of how to do my make up for the day, and step it up for the evening. Lina also contacted me after the lesson with many extra tips on products that will suit me, she is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge and wanting to help her clients as fully as she can. I highly recommend a lesson with Lina, you will learn lessons to help you for the rest of your life!
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Amanda Moss
I had the best time with Lina last week. She made me feel so comfortable, there was no judgement on the make up I had brought or my lack of skills and I learnt so much! The time went so quickly! I would not hesitate to recommend her make up lesson.
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Maja Pavcnik
I've booked makeup lesson with Lina for my mum who is in her mid seventies and wanted advice how to adapt makeup routine to ageing skin. Lina's approach was extremely professional - from first contact onwards. My mum really loved how Lina re-examined her makeup techniques and very respectfully suggested changes that are sustainable and work well with my mum's preferences. What a breath of fresh air - complete opposite to pushy and forceful 'advice' we have previously experienced with some of the makeup professionals. We were really impressed - now I need to book a session for me!
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Slava Glorin
Лина Камерон высочайшего уровня визажист. Когда я первые видел её, я ни за что бы не подумал, что она делала себе make up. На столько естественно и приятно она выглядела. Как то раз я зашёл к ней в гости и увидел у неё виснушки на лице. Я был шокирован её мастерством. Я сразу понял, что Лина визажист высочайшего уровня. Я много раз слышал от мастеров визажа, что надо делать make up натуральным, чтобы его не было заметно, но только Лина действительно владеет этим искусством. Никто как она не способен передать такие тонкости и чувство красоты, на лицо человека. Я благодарен Богу что встретил величайшего мастера визажа, Лину Камерон.
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Kasia Potgieter
Lina gave me fantastic advice, she is very professional, knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. I loved that Lina got me to video everything we did so I can now practice at home. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Yvonne Collins
Had a fantastic morning with Lina. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I am in my fifties and wear make up but wanted some tips on how best to wear it as I age and learn how yo do it better. Lina put me at ease right away, gave me some great lessons on how best to accentuate my face shape, make the most of my eyes and lips. She taught me some new techniques, explained the theory behind everything and we videoed it all so I can keep practicing at home. Also some very valuable guidance on which products are best for me. I highly recommend her. I know it will change the way I do makeup forever and feel much more confident in how I can make the best of myself.
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Lina is wonderful, she is lovely and so knowledgeable. She taught me so many tricks to make my make-up perfect. The lesson just flew by and I wished I could have stayed the entire day with her. I will definitely recommend her to anybody who wants to learn how to enhance their beauty.
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Laura Fritzsche
I have just spent the most wonderful day with Lina learning makeup techniques for both a day look and a more glam evening look. Lina made the day completely bespoke to me and spent time listening to the way I currently apply makeup so we could understand the areas to really focus on. Before today, I thought I had a basic understanding of makeup but didn’t really anticipate how much understanding the correct application of foundation and bronzer in the right way can really transform the shape of your face simply by understanding your bone structure. Lina was really thorough in ensuring that I understood the technique before moving on to the next step. One of the main takeaways for me from the day was understanding how to apply makeup to my eyes. I’ve never really understood how to use eyeshadows and liners in a way which play to my features but I can say confidently now that I have confidence to experiment through practice using different colours underpinned by the technique that suits my eye shape. I couldn’t recommend Lina highly enough, l feel like I’ve come away from the day with a huge wealth of knowledge at my disposal!
Lina Cameron - Celebrity Make-up Artist Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London
Aileen Scott
I recently had a fabulous session with Lina. I wanted to refresh my makeup look in advance of my son’s wedding. Lina asked me to turn up with all my current makeup and during the session we managed to work out which products/colours suited me and discard the rest. I ended up throwing out more than half my existing makeup. Lina taught me loads of new techniques which has ended up with me applying my makeup quicker and with a lot more confidence. And I only ended up purchasing a couple of new items which was great. Lina is a lovely warm person with a lot of patience, I could not recommend her more highly!