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Make-Up lessons London

Forget perfect. Let’s do beautiful.

If you know the difference, then my makeup lessons are for you. Providing personal expert advice for people of all ages and experience levels in my London studio. For more information on the individual lessons see below, or click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions.

These are my heartfelt promises.

You will never feel the same again.

I don’t seek inspiration in other beautiful faces; I’ll find it in yours. And once I point it out, you will never forget how beautiful you are.

Your experience will last a lifetime.

I won’t give you this season’s ‘look’; I’ll create a unique style and a simple bespoke routine that will be just yours. Everyday. Forever.

You will trust your wisdom.

I won’t judge your tastes or habits, but I will guide and empower your future choices. We’ll have fun exploring your make-up bag, building on what you already know.


Life-changing, lifelong make-up lessons designed around your individual style.

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