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3 Reasons You Should Consider A Make-Up CLASS

For many women, make-up can be a source of mystery. What we use to enhance or conceal has become a confusing and convoluted array of intimidating products and curious-sounding trends, promoted by impossibly glamorous social media influencers. The makeup industry has trained its focus on seasonal trends; on choosing a makeup tribe and sticking to it religiously – do you prefer a full-on face of glam, or the natural look? It can be draining and demotivating!


It doesn’t have to be, though. Booking a makeup lesson may seem like a surprising reaction to the overwhelming state of modern-day makeup, but there are many reasons why it could be the smartest thing you can do for both your face and makeup bag. Here are three reasons why:


1. Spending on lessons, to spend less on products


The first port of call for women looking for an affordable make-up lesson is often a department store beauty counter. Whilst this can be tempting, it is an approach that should be treated with caution as beauty counter staff are first and foremost trained to sell products, not to help customers better utilise the products they have already bought (I know from when I started my career on the counter in Selfridges that sales targets came first, and beauty a distant second!). A professional makeup artist by comparison will work with you to maximise the investments you have already made on the products in your makeup bag. They will also be brand agnostic, so will be able to recommend the best products for your personal skin tone and bone structure, taking into account any budgetary constraints or specific considerations you may have such as sensitive skin. By going to the make-up asrtist’s studio, you will also be able to enjoy an environment more conducive to learning, rather than in the midst of a busy department store, ensuring a more relaxing experience.


2. A service as unique as your own face


The most obvious benefit of professional makeup lessons is the best possible reason to book them. Tailoring your makeup look to your own face, eschewing trends (or maybe even incorporating them, if that’s what you want) is truly priceless – creating a bespoke look that enhances your own unique features means you’ll always be able to look your best, no matter what.


3. It will work for you, not against you


A good makeup artist will always work with you. They’ll ask you plenty of questions, and will listen to your answers. It’s not just about what kind of look you want to achieve, but about your life; how much time you take to get ready in the morning; what your concerns are and what you like best about yourself. As I always like to say to my clients, “you will trust your own wisdom”!

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