Red Carpet Makeover

Red Carpet Makeover

From: £250.00

Red Carpet  Makeover

A ritual of readiness

When I was a little girl, I used to watch Cinderella run home at midnight with her dress turning back into rags. I longed for her to stay and twirl and sparkle until dawn. Now, I know where it all went wrong: Cinderella was never really ready for the ball in the first place. She looked ready, but she didn’t feel it.

Whether you’re going to a party, a premiere, a dinner date or a night at the theatre, when I work on your red carpet transformation, you won’t see a puff of magic smoke. You’ll see how I focus all my energy on you and only you. You’ll feel every precise brushstroke I make and every bespoke touch I add. You’ll see me work with the natural beauty in your face and the shade and style of your outfit to create a flawless head-to-toe finish. This is more than a makeover: it’s a ritual of readiness.

Your carriage awaits.

Duration:      You’ll have my undivided, personal attention for 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Location:      Putney Studio or South Molton Street, Mayfair
Price:            £250 Putney / £290 Mayfai


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