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Day Look Make-Up Lesson


Be naturally noticeable every day

Whether you want to update your Day Look Makeup, make a fresh start with new products or cultivate your unique style, this lesson is a life-enhancing step towards feeling your beautiful best.

Building on the knowledge and products you already have, I will give you professional tips and techniques you never knew existed. These little nuggets of know-how will make you naturally noticeable every day. Together we will examine the unique balance of your face. I will show you how to choose products, select shades and develop a bespoke application routine for an effortlessly polished daytime look with the perfect level of impact.

My day look makeup session should not be treated as a sit-and-watch session! It’s a hands-on, give-it-a-go, have-some-fun, one-to-one guided tutorial. Together we will focus on core techniques that will form the basis of your new day look. In two hours, we’ll cover:

    • An eye-opening understanding of what makes your face uniquely beautiful
    • Skincare advice to ensure you start with the best canvas for your newly honed make-up artistry skills.
    • A professional touch on all the basics to balance, define and lift your face: foundation, blusher, bronzer, powder, lips, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lash-curlers, mascara, and eyebrows.
    • A customised colour palette designed to subtly balance the shapes and shades of your face
    • Professional techniques for getting the best out of the products and tools you have at home
    • A simple step-by-step make-up routine you can run through every day – and how to adapt it.

If you would like to book an appointment within the next 3-days, please contact me directly on my mobile (07939 321611) or email (

For more information about my lessons, and my teaching approach please see my frequently asked questions here

|Duration:  2 Hours

|Location:  Hanover Square, Mayfair in Central London

|Price:         £550