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My lesson with Lina Cameron

I must start by saying that I am not a makeup expert. Before I started working for Lina I applied eyeliner badly, mascara thickly, and foundation was a total mystery to me! My usual routine was mascara as I rushed out the door on the school run if I was lucky, but I have always had a great interest in beauty and fashion, and always enjoy the process of applying makeup and making myself ‘up’.
My lesson with Lina Cameron Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

I came down to London from my home in Wiltshire on the train one Saturday morning and was exceptionally excited about coming down to see Lina and having my lesson. I was also however extremely anxious about showing her the contents of my makeup bag (which I had been asked to bring) and what she would think of the makeup I was wearing. There have been few occasions when I have felt so nervous, but doing my makeup for my makeup artist boss is definitely up there!

I needn’t have worried though. I was greeted by this beautiful woman who just radiates enthusiasm, positivity and an absolute love for what she does.

I gingerly laid out the meagre contents of my bag and apologized for the various reasons for their existence in my bag, and when I use them, and at no point did Lina make me feel ashamed of these! My fear was totally unfounded and received no slap on the wrist for using three year old mascara!


So my lesson started by Lina removing my makeup and using NARS Skin hydrating toner and aqua gel luminous mask.

My lesson with Lina Cameron Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

Whenever she brought out a new product she encouraged me to take a photo of it so that I can refer to it later at home. And this is a brilliant tip, as I have a chronological record of the order to use the products, and have all the details there to go and put on my birthday wish list after my lesson!

So now that my skin was beautifully prepared we talked foundation, giving me two different tones to help contour my face, something I had certainly never considered before, and applied them using ModelsOwn Makeup blending sponges. These gorgeous conical sponges that sort of massaged my face as I applied the foundation and was strangely therapeutic!

My lesson with Lina Cameron Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

She then introduced me to my new best friends…..SURRATT eyelash curlers! Having never used eyelash curlers before, Lina demonstrated on herself first before I attempted them, giving me very gentle hints as to how to make it easier, and the instant effect was amazing! I will never again leave my house without curled eyelashes!

My lesson with Lina Cameron Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

As far as mascara goes I have always been a sucker for those adverts on tv with the specially shaped brushes, extra boosting, volumising qualities, and Lina assured me that the trick was to be simple. I now use Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash which is not only cheaper than the enormous mascaras I had used before, but it makes my lashes look so much neater and natural when done using my curlers, and NO CLUMPING!!! My top tips learnt that day, 1) always blot the brush on tissue to remove excess and 2) rest your fingers on your cheek when putting on your mascara as your hand doesn’t shake all over the place. Little hints, huge difference!

My lesson with Lina Cameron Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London


Her little tricks and hints make the world of difference. I may not ever be a makeup artist, but I feel more confident and love my new techniques; curling, using two perfectly matched foundations to name a few and learning to use a brush for eyeliner (but more on that in the next blog!) …and especially my eyelash curlers!

In short my lesson with Lina was exceptional! Time just flew and it was wonderful spending a few hours just focusing on me, a rare occurrence as a Mum of three small girls! In fact I commented to Lina that I had never spent so long just looking at my face, at first a very strange, but very empowering process! You also know whilst you are with her that she is giving you all her energy and focus and love! She clearly adores empowering women and she does a brilliant job at it!

And finally, this is me after! Definitely time well spent!


My lesson with Lina Cameron Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

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