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The Secret Exfoliator

If your skin is beautifully exfoliated, it will make the world of difference to your makeup, how your products work, and the longevity of your look. I’ve asked every Bride I have ever worked with to use this product as it is the best, is so gentle, can be found in any supermarket, and works like a dream! Bicarbonate of soda!

You can follow these steps as frequently as you wish, but make sure to do it the night before your lesson/makeover/wedding to ensure your skin is ready for makeup.

After cleansing your skin, mix some bicarbonate of soda in ratio 1:1 with any water based eye makeup remover. Personally I use bicarbonate of soda from Waitrose as it is super fine, and mix it with Garnier Micellar Water, but other brands will work well too.

Mix these to make a paste and apply in an even layer all over your face as a mask, and then leave on for about 10-15 minutes. There is no need to rub it on your skin, just leave it to work its magic.

To remove the mask, use a wet muslin cloth. Than rinse your face very well to remove all traces of the bicarbonate of soda. And here is my top tip. For years I used an Eve Lom Cleanser Cloth, which is very good, but costs more than I wanted to spend for it. I now use muslin cloths bought from Mothercare, they work just as well if not even better. I keep them in a bag next to my bathroom sink, and take a clean one each time to remove the bicarbonate of soda mask. I then put them in the wash, and return them to the bag when dry. This way I always have a new, clean cloth each time.

Try it for yourself. It is gentle enough to do every day if you wish, but find a routine that suits you!

Love Lina x

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