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Wedding Make-Up Lessons – Some Thoughts

Wedding Makeup Lessons

Whilst updating my press gallery recently, I cam across an article I had written a couple of years ago for Dream Weddings regarding wedding makeup lessons. Since I wrote this, I have seen a huge increase in the number of clients looking for lessons to help them do their own wedding day makeup, so it felt appropriate to republish it here with a few updates. I’m a firm believer in the value of wedding make-up lessons, as with the increasing costs of weddings it is a wonderful option for not only containing costs on the day, but also to help develop skills that you can use every day of your married life.

An Ever-Increasing Trend

Over last decade, having a make-up artist for your wedding has gone from being a luxury to being the norm. However, with the most high profile bride of all in 2011 Kate Middleton deciding to take lessons in advance so that she could go it alone on the wedding day, more brides are considering whether this is the right option for them. Bridal make-up lessons can also be a cost effective options for brides getting married abroad, and who don’t feel confident putting their wedding day look in the hands of a local artist. For those getting married overseas, or who are considering emulating the most illustrious of brides, here are a few thoughts to consider.


When deciding who to go to for expert advice

When choosing a make-up lesson, keep in mind that the greatest artists aren’t necessarily the best art teachers. It is vital to find someone with a passion and a focus on teaching. Whilst most make-up artists will offer to teach if asked, look for the ones who actively promote this service. It is also important to look for someone with a strong portfolio of work, as even if their teaching credentials seem strong, they will only be able to pass on the skills that they themselves have.


Making the most of the lesson

As ever, clear objectives are key, so I recommend that you go to the lesson knowing what you want to achieve from it: is it the designing of a look that you can recreate with the technical skills you already have, learning advanced techniques to pull off a look that you already have in mind, or the whole package. If you have chosen a particular look or style, take 1-2 images with you to help explain to the artist what you are looking to achieve.


One of the real secrets to successful Bridal Make-up is to ensure that the skin is very well exfoliated and hydrated. I really highly recommend the use of Nubo Diamond Peel and Reveal – it is very gentle on the skin but gives a result of professionally done facial in 10 minutes. When you have rinsed it off, follow up with Thermal Water from Avene, and then apply a moisturiser of your choice straight away to lock in all the moisture. As a final touch, consider applying Creme de La Mer eye concentrate generously around the eyes to help smooth any fine lines. Alternatively, if you would prefer to consult a professional for your skin, I highly recommend Nuz Shugaa who is based in Soho.


On the day of the lesson, I always advise brides to be to go having applied their own make-up as they would if it was their wedding day. This will give the artist a view of your current level of experience, so that the lesson can be tailored to you. It is also worth taking good 10 minutes at the start of the session to speak to the make-up artist about what you do and don’t feel comfortable doing – this will ensure you make best use of time by not covering ground you already know, or just as importantly rushing ahead into more complicated techniques that may leave you feeling lost.


For the lesson itself, remember that everyone has their own learning approach, so make sure the lesson caters to yours. My own technique involves clients coming having applied their own make-up. I then remove this from one eye, and then make-up the same eye myself step by step whilst talking the client through exactly what I’m doing and why. This then gives the client a chance to compare her make-up with that which I’ve done for her, and see how it changes her face. The client then cleans the make-up off the other eye, so that she can then copy the makeover I’ve just completed using both her notes and the visual example she now has from the first eye. I find that this helps to build confidence, and gives a chance for the client to refine their notes based on the practicalities of creating the look.


During the lesson, I also recommend asking the make-up artist to focus on the techniques to ensure your make-up stays immaculate throughout your wedding day (this is one of the unique requirements of wedding day make-up compared to say an evening makeover, and getting an expert in this field is essential)

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