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5 Essential Products from NARS

Buying makeup for your nearest and dearest is not an easy task. Even women struggle with this. Makeup and beauty products are such a wonderful gift to give, but they are also a very personal thing. So I would love to make things very straightforward and easy for you. I want to help you buy the most perfect and wonderful products for the women in your life. No matter what stage of life they are in from teenager to nineties, I guarantee they will love these products, and trust me; they will love you for them!

These products are from NARS and I use these so regularly with my clients as they are so versatile and can be used by practically every single woman. I have put these in the order that I personally use them as a guide, but of course use other products as well such as foundation and mascara.

This my set of the ultimate 5 NARS products which will be loved by any woman who receives them.

1. Aqua Gel Luminous mask

I absolutely love this product. It’s made of water, and I use it because unlike other masks which need to be washed off before applying makeup, no matter how thickly you use it, if you leave it to dry completely you can apply your makeup directly on top. This product is particularly wonderful for women with dry skin and need extra moisturising, and for those over 40.

5 Essential Products from NARS Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

2. Pro-prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base

I do not apply eye-shadow to anyone, or even myself without first applying this all over the lid. It must have for Brides, red carpet, busy professionals, party girls, going on dinner dates, or just for day to day wear. Anyone who applies eye-shadow needs to have this product in their kit and use it religiously! For those who don’t use eye-shadow, you should still use this as it helps control the sebum from your skin and helps minimize smudging of your mascara!

5 Essential Products from NARS Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

3. Bronzer Laguna

This is fantastic, and is a totally genius colour from NARS, as he has managed to combine the most gorgeous colour which can be used by all women with enough sheen to prevent it from appearing flat, but is also perfectly created for contouring. It is a great multitasker as you can use it as a brozer to lift the skin tone or to add a bit of depth to the crease of the eye, and when used this way it is the most wonderful eye opener! You can even use it as an eyeshadow all over the lid which looks amazing.

5 Essential Products from NARS Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London


4. Blush “Guilda”

The colour of this blusher gives a nice lift to the face and suits every woman at any age and with any skin tone. Its soft, matt, warm, peachy texture adds soft liveliness  to your face every time. It’s best applied using NARS brush N27 Yachiyo. It makes applying blush so easy. It picks up the perfect amount of pigment and buffs into skin flawlessly.

5 Essential Products from NARS Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

5. Multiple ” Copacabana”

I love it because it is so versatile. Its very easy to apply and suits almost every single skin tone and women of any age. It is a must have in EVERY makeup bag. What I personally love it that is can be reapplied during the day on top of slightly powered cheeks to add a special glow, so it is perfect for touchups on the go. It can be used as an eye base all over the lid which is perfect for eyeshadows to really make them stand out. It’s also great under foundation and can be mixed with this to give a nice glow all over the face and in the cheeks. In Hollywood they apply it under the eye in a V shape down across the top of the cheekbone and up to the edge of the nose. Finally, it is a great solution for under eyes circles by dispersing light gently away.

5 Essential Products from NARS Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

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