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I find that many women struggle with eyeliner, sometimes so much so that they miss this important step out of their daily routine. Eyeliner is the most powerful and important step in your makeup routine, as nothing else truly emphasizes the shape of your eye more than this, and is second only to mascara for uplifting the eye.  But fear no more; I will help eliminate those fears through some simple tips.


Firstly, you need to select the right product for your eye structure.  There are a number of options

1.  Gel liner which you apply with a brush

2.  Liquid liner that has either a hard or soft tip

3. Powder liner which is applied with a flat eyeliner brush

4.  Pencil

The easiest eye liner to use is powder eyeliner which is applied using a flat eyeliner brush.  My favourite is Black Ebony Laura Mercier.  It is mixed with water  and then is applied by dotting and wiggling the paste at the base/roots of lashes and gradually build up the line.  This takes the pressure off needing to create the perfect line the traditional way by pulling the pencil across. This technique was created by Laura Mercier and she called it tight line application. For this you would need Laura Mercier brush ” Flat Eyeliner” and  Laura Mercier ” Black Ebony” eyeliner. They come also in different shades, but black is my all time favourite as it truly makes the lash line define, lashes look fuller and thicker.

EYELINER - THE SECRETS REVEALED Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist LondonEYELINER - THE SECRETS REVEALED Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

If you use a pencil, make sure that it is a waterproof one and that the pencil core/lead is soft. Again, rather than draw the line on the traditional way, “print” dots using the pencil onto the skin close to the lash line and join them up to create the perfect line. Top tip here would be to dot until the line will become perfect and smooth. 

 EYELINER - THE SECRETS REVEALED Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

For those of you who love the feline gel flick look but struggle with how to create it, the trick is to use pencil for the main line across your lashes, then use the gel for the flick.  The easiest way to do the flick is to use selotape (sounds strange but it works like a dream!), and I will talk you through each step on the next blog.


But the best tip I can give you is that when you apply any liner, rest the heel and side of your hand on your face for support as this will give you infinitely more control over your application rather than your hand floating in the air, and hold the pencil/brush like you would if you were writing with a pen.


With these tips you will have perfectly lined and beautiful eyes!

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