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The story of YSL Touche Eclat

YSL Touche Eclat! The worlds most bought, and miss understood concealer! Because it’s actually not a concealer, but a highlighter! I see this product again and again in my clients make-up bag and always ask “How shall I use YSL Touche Eclact?”  (Personally It has never been my favourite as I have allergic reaction to it, which shows in a way of dry/flaky skin next day after I used this product).


Ladies, please do not use YSL Touche Eclat to cover dark under eye circles or spots. If you already bought this  “golden pen” (especially if it is the shade 1), the best way is to apply on top of a cheekbone/ side of the outer corner of the eye.  Draw 5 to 6 long strokes and than press and push it with your fingers to the skin for instant lift.  This step will brighten the eye on the outer corner and lift cheekbone at the same time.  My top advice in this blog is that that here is a better product than YSL Touche Eclact on the market and it’s called By Terry Touch Veloute. This product provides exceptionally natural cover and blends amazing well. Once you try this product you will love it!!!


For dark under eye circles I love to use MAC Select Moisture Cover. This product comes in different shades. The peach tone naturally neutralises the darkness which makes this product a 100% better choice for under eye darkness than YSL Touche Eclact. Whilst MAC Select Moisture Cover will not work for every one, it’s definitely worth considering.


To cover spots and pigmentation marks on the face the best product to use is KRYOLAN Dermacolor camouflage. This creme concealer when used correctly works like a magic wand.  To see the products have a look at:




I would recommend buying the palette and mix and match the colours accordingly to that specific tone on your face. In general if you have from light to olive skin tone palette number 3 will be helpful and if you skin tone is from dark to deep you can consider palette in ” Dark”. To my mind the value of these concealers are amazing and definitely worth having on your make-up table!

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