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What To Do If Your Eyeliner Always Smudges

Following my last blog post, one of the questions I was asked recently by a client in a make-up lessons was what she should do to address the problem she had with her eyeliner always smudging. Smudged eyeliner is normally a question of product selection rather than application technique, so if you do suffer from this issue, then here are some products that it would be worth trying:

1. K- Palette Real lasting Eyeliner K.

What To Do If Your Eyeliner Always Smudges Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

I discovered this product when I was visiting Japan a few years ago, and it is absolutely fantastic for not smudging once it is set. It isn’t easy to find in the UK, so I tend to buy this via eBay from a supplier in Hong Kong.

2. NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. 

What To Do If Your Eyeliner Always Smudges Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

You can apply this product all over the eyelid in a very thin layer even  if you do not intend to apply eyeshadows at all. The product works by preventing sebum from smudging the eyeliner This product is far easier to find, and should be available in most UK department stores.


If smudged eyeliner is a serious problem for you, you may want to consider permanent eyeliner. If you are seriously considering this option, I would recommend having it done in black not brown, as I believe brown rarely works to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.. My second piece of advice would be not to do the “flick” (by which I mean not the extend the eyeliner) out the the eye shape / top lash line. Instead I would keep the pigment in-between the lashes along the side lash line.

Finally, from clients I have spoken to I understand that permanent eyeliner application hurts (a lot!), so those of us with a lower pain threshold may want to focus on the products listed above instead.

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