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Some Thoughts On Setting Powders

With today’s blog, I wanted to address the subject of setting powder, and the potential benefits it can bring. I know that a lot of women try to avoid powder as they are concerned that it can give an artificial matt appearance to the skin, leaving it looking dry and aged. Personally, I think that every woman needs to have a great powder in her make-up bag as whilst it is true a bad powder can make your skin look worse, equally an excellent powder can be an essential part of the makeover.


When I work I tend to use a lot of different powders, but in the blog post I want to focus on loose setting powders. I adore, loose setting powder as it is one of the secrets behind long lasting make-up, which is critical to my work, To start with the basics, the difference between loose and pressed powder is that the former contains no wax, and feels lighter on the skin. Pressed powders are perfect for touch up on the go, whereas loose powder is ideal to keep on your make-up table to set your make-up as you first apply it.


In terms of specifics product recommendations, my top 3 favourite setting powders are:


1.  Shu Uemura Face Powder Matt in  “Colourless”

 Some Thoughts On Setting Powders Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

I love this powder as it is very light on the face, and has a very fine texture that sets make-up really well. Usually I use this particular powder to press with the cotton pad to the T- zone, and than use a brush to buff the excess off. I have previously tried using Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder for the same purpose, but to my mind the Shu Uemura powder is better as it doesn’t leave a white hue. The Shu Uemura product also has a mesh cover, so it is very easy to gently tap onto a tray as much of the powder as you need, meaning you are less likely to waste it.


2. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder

 Some Thoughts On Setting Powders Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

I have recently rediscovered this powder and it has become my firm favourite. I use it on myself, and it gives the oily area of skin on my forehead a soft matte finish without making my T-zone too dry. It is also the best product I have found for helping to deliver the dream of a makeover that will stay all day long but without losing that precious glow in a winter time. The bad news is that the product isn’t the cheapest as it contains hyaluronic acid and silica microbeads, but to my mind it is worth every penny. My only regret with this powder is that it lacks the mesh used with Shu Uemura product, so it is very hard to control the flow of it from the container.


3. Benefit Bluff Dust Redness Concealing Powder

 Some Thoughts On Setting Powders Lina Cameron Make-Up Artist London

I bought this powder when it first came out and I have always had one in my kit. Its main purpose is to soften red cheeks, so I tend to use it as a setting powder for clients who have olive or deep skin tones as it doesn’t leave a grey hue. This powder also good for ladies who have rosacea as it softly neutralises the redness.


Let me know in the comments if you think I’ve missed any great powders, or if you are having any challenges with loose powder application that you would like some help with.

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