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Lina will create a new look for you, and teach you the steps to recreate it

This is one appointment with the power to transform your whole day. My customized routine will prepare you to carry out your daytime engagements with freshness, polish and poise.

This is a specialist service for clients wanting to look their professional best for the media. I’ve worked with celebrities at international film appearances, book launches and photo-shoots

When I was a little girl, I used to watch Cinderella run home at midnight with her dress turning back into rags. I longed for her to stay and twirl and sparkle until dawn. Now, I know where it all went wrong…

This is a focused one-to-one workshop designed to give you the confidence to apply your own professional wedding day make-up that will last all day, looks gorgeous in daylight and photograph like a dream.

Make-up professionals and wedding planners know me well for my stunningly natural bridal looks. Take a peek at some of my recommendations here. It’s true, if you commission me, your guests will see just your beautiful face, not your beautiful make-up.

If you want to explore different looks for your wedding day, or try out some new products, this is the ideal session. We can go through the design elements of your wedding, such as your dress and planned hairstyle and I can guide you towards a make-up look that suits both your face and the vibe of your wedding.

A lesson specially designed for young women finding their way with make-up, whether they be a reluctant novice or aspiring make-up artist.

Make-up is fun and fascinating. It can bring us girls together like nothing else (except perhaps shoes and champagne)

From work to wine bar, daylight to candlelight, tennis club to nightclub, this session will give you the tools to enjoy your day with confidence and ease.

Whether you want to update your daytime make-up, make a fresh start with new products or cultivate your own unique style, this make-up lesson is a life-changing step towards feeling your beautiful best

You are welcome to call but you can also book a massage online!